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tv   [untitled]    December 4, 2013 8:00am-8:31am PST

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for a generation to dream big dreams and do big things. it's with that that i now want to ask all of you to participate in a count down and then be partial with me as i do what i was told not what willie brown suggested i do. he suggested i use my teeth to cut the cheney more wisely am listening to other folks and will be pitting on gloves and appropriately putting on those very good looking sin glaze. so together 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3,
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2, 1. (cutting chain) >> yeah. >> waving that thing around i'm nicole and lindsey, i like the fresh air. when we sign up, it's always so gratifying. we want to be here.
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so i'm very excite ied to be here today. >> your volunteerism is appreciated most definitely. >> last year we were able to do 6,000 hours volunteering. without that we can't survive. volunteering is really important because we can't do this. it's important to understand and a concept of learning how to take care of this park. we have almost a 160
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acres in the district 10 area. >> it's fun to come out here. >> we have a park. it's better to take some of the stuff off the fences so people can look at the park. >> the street, every time, our friends. >> i think everybody should give back. we are very fortunate. we are successful with the company and it's time to give back. it's a great place for us. the weather is nice. no rain. beautiful san francisco. >> it's a great way to be able to have fun and give back and
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walk away with a great feeling. for more opportunities we have volunteering every single day of the week. get in touch with the parks and recreation center so come
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♪ >> thank you for coming to the talent dance performance and talent show. [ applause ] >> today's performance and talent show. ♪ >> public recreation has every bit of the talent and every bit of the heart and soul of anything that any families are paying ten times for. >> you were awesome.
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